#caterpillar #GulfFritillary #EatingMyPassionflower (at Go Yard)

And then she made cherry vanilla frozen yogurt and they all lived happily ever after. #froyo #homemade (at mess hall)

Is it weird to eat salad at 10 o’clock in the morning? Ok, then. #salad #weird #delicious (at mess hall)

ME: So, it is down to you and it is down to me.

BODY nods and comes nearer.

It’s all there is, finally. This lumpy bag of water, meat and bone. Corruptible. Corrupting on a daily basis as I get old. I mean to pay more attention to it. 

I do not mean to diet any more. I mean to do my best to eat well, moderately, in a way that makes me feel good while enjoying the food. I mean to CTFO about food. Which will be so much harder than it sounds.

I also mean to move more. My hip and shoulder hinder me. My essential laziness hinders me more. But I’m bumping up against the “lose it” part of the “move it or lose it” equation. I’m 53. Jesus.

If I can actually manage to get off the diet-pigout-diet cycle of sorrow, I’ll be doing myself good. Mentally and physically.

Paying attention will be the key. I am a master of distraction and misdirection. 

"It happened that way. He thought one more beer could save the world. One more beer and every chair would be comfortable. One more beer and the light bulb in the bathroom would never burn out. One more beer and he would love her forever. One more beer and he would sign any treaty for her."

—“All I Wanted to Do Was Dance,” The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie

My brother bought me this. Is that a good thing? #hotsauce #habanero #comatose

Getting ready. Happy 4th, everyone! #independenceday #hotdogs #dodgerdog (at mess hall)

#blue #pool #summer (at backyard oasis)

The apocalypse. #winefridge #empty #nowine #wine (at Faux Town Cellars)

#leaf Fell off a houseplant this morning. (at Faux Town house)